'We broke up today': Lindsay Lohan breaks silence on relationship rumours

Los Angeles: Actress Lindsay Lohan has quashed rumours surrounding her mystery man,
rumoured to be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.
She has declared she is single. Lohan told Australia's The Kyle and Jackie O breakfast radio show that she has broken up
with her boyfriend, without revealing his name, reports "aceshowbiz.com". "I was seeing someone and we broke up today," Lohan said when asked about her
relationship status during the chat. "You wouldn't even know who he was.
I had a bit of a day." Lohan has been linked to Saudi prince since August when "Page Six" reported she was
being "flown around in private jets and showered with presents" by him. Representatives of Lohan, however, claimed the pair had met only once, that too
"around a year ago at a Formula One Grand Prix race". Right now, Lohan is focussed on her career. She plans to return on television once
again after her MTV reality series Lindsay Lohan…

Don’t Confuse Care For Love, 5 Signs That Their I Love Yous Are Fake

It would truly be sad up until now you did not know that an ‘I love you’ can be meaningless, fake, and a lie. If not overtly a lie, sometimes partners say ‘ I love you’ to their significant others just out of habit. 

They might not mean it, or heck, don’t even know the meaning of it. You cannot point it out easily, because they care. They care about seeing you happy and are afraid to hurt you. 
While care and love go hand in hand, it does not always translate into a love affair. The math is as simple as a basic venn diagram; care is a separate entity and while love can co-exist in it, it is not necessarily a part of it. So here are some tell signs that show that your partner cares but not as intensely, and while I love yous are romantic, they are not always intended:

1. While their words say something, their body language says something else

You will be able to tell when someone loves you and loves to be around you. It is reflected in eye contact, them holding your hand, sweet smiles, and trying to want to be in close proximity to you. You might not pay attention to these things instantly because these things are simple and rank low on our list of priorities, but these are significant signs.
However, if they say they love you but aren’t affectionate or subtly try to push you away when you are close, they may be hiding their true feelings. You should also note that some people don’t like being affectionate or touchy, especially in public, so this should be discussed early on in the relationship. If your partner stops being affectionate suddenly, that is a sign too

2. A loving expression is often followed by a request of reciprocation of sorts

Emotional manipulation is a thing that almost all couples overlook in the name of love. It might be because it is harmless, or insignificant. But if their love yous are followed by a request then they are using it as a tool. It is not easy to identify a manipulative partner, but one can always take their own time to be certain and act upon it. 

3. It was said pretty early on in the relationship

Here’s the thing about I love yous, they are used as a means of conveying to your partner that this relationship is headed towards something serious. The level of commitment is assumed through the measure of I love yous. But they might not have any depth, because an actual conversation did not follow it about where this relationship is headed. That your partner might not be in love with you yet is a possibility you must explore. You don’t need to say it back immediately, or unless you feel it. 

4. A fight, disagreement or mood is diffused by saying the three words

Like the point of the emotionally manipulative partner, this too is a kind of manipulation. If they are only saying the ‘three magical words’ when you are hurt, upset or angry then it is because they don’t have anything concrete to say. They know that the phrase elicits a reaction and use it to diffuse or avoid a confrontation or situation. 

5. Your gut tells you they don’t mean it

Last but not least, a lack of passion, depth and genuineness can be sensed from a mile away. So if you are feeling the same in your relationship, then maybe it is the harsh truth you have revealed to yourself. It does not mean the end of a relationship, it could also mean a cry for help. A getaway to rekindle the romance, kill the boredom and revive the passion can also be tried before coming to the conclusion. 


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