'We broke up today': Lindsay Lohan breaks silence on relationship rumours

Los Angeles: Actress Lindsay Lohan has quashed rumours surrounding her mystery man,
rumoured to be the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.
She has declared she is single. Lohan told Australia's The Kyle and Jackie O breakfast radio show that she has broken up
with her boyfriend, without revealing his name, reports "aceshowbiz.com". "I was seeing someone and we broke up today," Lohan said when asked about her
relationship status during the chat. "You wouldn't even know who he was.
I had a bit of a day." Lohan has been linked to Saudi prince since August when "Page Six" reported she was
being "flown around in private jets and showered with presents" by him. Representatives of Lohan, however, claimed the pair had met only once, that too
"around a year ago at a Formula One Grand Prix race". Right now, Lohan is focussed on her career. She plans to return on television once
again after her MTV reality series Lindsay Lohan…

Saw Your Ex In Your Dreams? Here Are 11 Reasons Why This Could Be Happening

You spend so many years with a person, so it is natural to still think about them even if they are no longer a constant in your life. The human brain clings onto memories, whether good or bad, and sometimes plays them on loop. 

When you think you are finally over your ex, they suddenly pop up in your dreams, making a special appearance in your life. It’s surprising but you are more likely to dream about your ex than your current partner, and today we’ll tell you why this is and what it may signify.
1. First and foremost, it has got nothing to do with your loyalty towards your current partner, as it happens in your subconscious mind that you have no control over it. 
2. NO! It doesn’t mean you still love your ex and not your current partner. So, stop misinterpreting your dreams. It doesn’t mean that you are still in love with your ex.
3. At times, hatred takes way too long to get over than love. 
4. It means your ex has hurt you so deeply and his mistakes are so grave that you still can’t get over the fact how you someone had the audacity to do what they did.
5. Not all the moments you shared with your ex were bad, right? You did have some great moments and probably these pop up in your dreams?
6. Probably there’s a lot that was left unsaid and unconveyed between you two. Especially, apologies. Unsaid apologies, either from your end or theirs, contribute to the baggage. 
7. It’s been said that whatever you constantly think through the day, you are likely to have dreams about the same in your subconscious mind. Especially, if you stalk your ex on social media on a regular basis just to keep a tab on theirlife updates.
8. If you dream about your ex trying to get back to you, it’s because in the back of your mind you want that to happen just so that you can say NO to them and feel superior. Admit it!
9. If you dream about your ex’s current love interest, it’s because you constantly compare yourself to them and are too invested in proving how you are way better than them. 
10. Unresolved issues with your ex are a major reason for you get those uncalled dreams which eff up your entire day leaving you with a question--why the hell, NOW?
11. If you draw constant comparison between your current partner and every gesture with your ex, you are more likely to see your ex in your dreams. 


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